Care Ministry

What is the COS Care Ministry?

We have a team of people each service who look for people they don’t know to greet and meet. People make up their minds in the first 11 minutes if they will come back to a church. The decision is largely based on whether they feel like they made a friend. Our goal is to have everyone feel welcome. We hand out Prayer Request Cards to our “first time guests” along with a brochure about our church and a gift. Our staff prays over these prayer requests. We call the “first time guests” during the week to see if there are any more prayer requests.

Volunteer/Servants are needed to:

  • Serve as a Host(ess) to greet, welcome and show love to our First Time Guests.
  • Introduce “First Time Guests” to other COS members.
  • Follow-up with First Time Guests (via email, calls, cards).
  • Be available as requested to serve as Host(ess) for lunch for potential members. (Coupons provided).

For more information contact Karen Foley – Servant Leader of Care Ministry

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