The Wednesday night discipleship classes have started.

The definition of disciple/discipleship: A follower of a particular teacher; an adherent of the principles of some leader of thought/ to learn, be taught, to learn by practice or experience, acquire a custom or habit.

At Church of the Savior we believe Christian discipleship involves the Tram principle:

  • T – teaching
  • R – relationships
  • A – action of ministry
  • M – mentoring

Teaching is done with a schedule of classes mainly taking place of Wednesday evenings for two semesters (fall and spring) each year. We have some courses that we teach each year and many new classes. These classes help put the core values of COS (worship, prayer, ministry, discipleship, evangelism and fellowship) into our lives. We also offer courses like parenting and finances that can help families.

We currently have eleven Life Groups whose members are committed to meet together for a year. In these groups of no larger than fifteen people, we encourage building relationships to help one another in our journey. Different groups emphasize different core values but all are dedicated to practical Christian living.

There are other small groups at COS that are centered around various ministries. And, even in our short term classes in the School of Discipleship, great relationships are built.


Servants of the Savior (SOS) is the over arching ministry that coordinates COS members to serve the savior by serving others.  We believe that God puts a passion in each follower of Christ to minister in different areas of the many ministries in His Church.  SOS presents these challenges several times a year to help people serve and grow in their Christianity.  The SOS booklet, that describes the many ministries of COS is available in the church foyer or upon request.

Woman to Woman is the mentoring ministry for women.  Twice a year, the opportunity is give for mentors and mentees to sign up for this meaningful one on one ministry.  The Men’s Ministry at COS is also developing ways to mentor on a one on one basis, men to men. The objective is to connect wiser, more experienced men/women with those who look for help in their daily living.

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