FALL Schedule starting 09/05/2017




Dynamic Marriage Class


5:30 PM – 8 PM
Sept ……….17, 24
Oct ………..1, 15, 22
Nov ……….5, 12, 19
Dec ………..3
Cost: $130/couple (payment plans available and limited scholarships available) Open to
married couples or engaged couples who are getting married in the next few months.
LIMITED to 12 couples.
Dynamic Marriage is a 9-week course that can transform an average marriage into a great one!
We will look at the various needs we have as individuals and how well we are meeting our
spouse’s needs. Exploring love busters will open our eyes to the things we are doing that can
kill the romance in our marriage. The materials and homework will improve our communication
and give us practical, concrete ways to deepen our love for one another. The time and financial
commitment will be an investment you won’t want to miss—it was eye-opening for us!
(NOTE: This course is not for marriages in crisis.)
Mark & Ann Combs

Renewal is our recovery and support ministry here at COS. It is dedicated to helping people deal with their hurts, habits, and hang-ups in life so that they can live with abundance and freedom.

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A Christ-Centered Recovery Community

dedicated to being a Safe Place to heal from life hurts, hang-ups and addictions.

Renewal Fall Groups

Tuesday Night Schedule

6:00 pm Meal

6:30 pm Worship & Large Group

7:30 pm Small Groups

8:30 pm Renewal Cafe

We believe in The 3 “R”s

Redeem = make worthwhile

Reconcile = bring into harmony

Renew = to reestablish, revive

Our Verse is

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2

Contact info:

Stewart Thompson, Pastor of counseling/care

(859) 223-1161 office or (859) 492-5621

Studies and Groups being offered:

Women’s Groups

Teen Girl’s Open Share 

This group is a great place for teen girls to come and find support for life, school, and family. A place to begin to “share” life within a safe environment to gather support and deal with items they may be struggling with.

Becky Nelson


Sarah Bryant


Women’s Open Share/Life Hurts Group

This is a great place to begin to share life hurts (past or present) within a safe environment to be rid of the secret things that you have been holding in. This group is PERFECT for new people who know they need help and support but don’t know where to begin.

Jennifer Drinkard



Women’s Conquering Codependency

Do I often feel isolated and afraid of people, especially authority gures? Have I observed myself
to be an approval-seeker? Do I lose my own identity in the process? Do I feel overly frightened of angry people and of personal criticism? Do I often feel I’m a victim in personal and career relation- ships? Do I sometimes feel I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, which makes it easier to be more concerned with others than myself? Is it hard for me to look at my own faults and my own responsibility to myself? Do I feel guilty when I stand up for myself instead of giving in to others? Do I feel addicted to excitement (crisis)? Do I confuse love with pity, and do I tend to love people I can pity and rescue? Is it dif cult for me to feel or to express feelings, including feelings such as joy or happiness? Do I judge myself harshly? Do I have a low sense of self-esteem? Do I often feel abandoned in the course of my relationships? Do I tend to be a reactor instead of an actor?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, come join us Tuesday nights to walk out being set free.

Alene Hirz



Women’s Chemical Dependency Group

This support group will offer a safe place for encouragement, authenticity, support and healing , A 12-Step support group for women that helps focus the person on the reality of their addiction and find support in their struggles.

Dodie Wilburn / Marcia Pulcini



Single Mom’s Group

This group is for single moms to have a safe place to share and get support. Each week, this group will work through the workbook Single and Parenting, learning how to cope with life as a single mom through biblical direction and support from other moms.

Teresa Drinkard
Deshauna Wilson



Women’s Study: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Ever felt like we’re just missing it? It being that peace lled life that Christians talk about. The God of the universe loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacri cing love. Typically we
just try to make it to church, participate in worship, and not do the obvious sins. Whether you have actually verbalized it or not, we sense that something is off. This book teaches how to go beyond the status quo, how to have the kind of faith that stems from falling head over heels in love with our Father, the creator. How His love and our love for Him changes lives, the crazy kind of love. Join us on Tuesday nights to embrace the crazy love that sets people free.

Angie Wheaton



Men’s Groups

Men’s Chemical Dependency Group

This group is PERFECT for men Continuing January 5th, A 12-Step support group for men that helps focus the person on the reality of their addiction and find support in their struggles.

Keith “KC” Clark / Tom Wilburn



Men’s Sexual Integrity Group

A confidential group for men that are seeking to live sexually pure in an over sexualized culture. The group helps focus on the reality of their addiction and and support in the struggles.

Dan Shute



21 Day Support Group, Journey to Health

This group is for men and women. Is your life too busy and hectic, have a hard time working on your health, you need a friend to ask how you are doing to encourage you? Then this weekly meeting is for you! Come join us to receive a once a week boost on your journey to health.

Stewart Thompson



Renewal Prayer Support

If your heart is seeking answers and desires change, come meet with prayer intercessors on Tuesday night during Renewal. Intercessors will be available to pray with you if your heart feels burdened and you feel led to come for prayer. Look for signs posted for the prayer area. Jump start the journey to freedom that God is guiding you to!

Molly Burlew



Other Monthly Groups


Monthly Grief Group

Meets 2nd Saturday of the Month in the Ministry House at 8:30 am

This Support Group will offer a safe place to grieve for all who’ve lost somebody they love. As you journey through the stages of grief.

Group Led by Stephanie Routt

(859) 333-1880


You can sign-up for the groups online by clicking the link below.

Renewal group registration

Please click HERE to learn more about volunteering to work with the children during the Renewal meeting time.






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